About Us

Our mission statement

1. We will honour God in all we do

We will strive to operate in a way that will honour the Lord Jesus Christ. We recognise we are only stewards of the business and God really owns this company. Because He is our owner, we want to honour Him in everything we do. Our goal is to treat our employees and our customers with the respect and dignity that is due. Profits are important, but they are not our main goal. Our customers and employees will be treated with the same respect that we ourselves want to be treated with. For our suppliers, we will pay all of the bills on time. Every decision and action, both as individuals and as a company, will be done with integrity. We shall be known as a company that operates on an ethical basis, based not on our standards, but on biblical standards.

2. We will treat our employees as our most valuable assets

We will operate by the Golden Rule and treat others as we would like to be treated. In practice we will pay fair wages and continue to strive to do all we can for our employees. We will listen to our employees for feedback and new ideas. We want to be open to such ideas and adapt them into our company whenever we can for the benefit of the employees and our customers. We will do our best to give our employees the best training we know so that they may do their job properly and safely.

3. We will sell and install quality products and services

All products and services provided will have a definitive quality standard set forth by authorised personnel. All customers have the right to question products or services that do not meet these standards. We will be known for its consistent quality workmanship and materials. We will use high quality products and service so our customers can experience a definite value increase in their home.

4. We will be a progressive, growth orientated company

We will continue to reinvest in proper tools and technology needed to do a better and more efficient job. We will experiment with new ideas and products, and will encourage our employees to think out of the box to do things in a better way if possible. Our growth will be important and will be controlled and sustainable in order to provide a good work enivronment and a quality workmanship for our customer.

5. We will be a customer service orientated company

We will service our customers, again using the Golden Rule, treating everyone the way we want to be treated. We will strive to deliver a quality service on time, every time. We will stand behind our products and services and guarantee satisfaction. Our goal is to be the #1 Customer Service provider in our industry.